S. Pennings & ZN has been a household name in the bollenstreek for years. We are a real family business that values ​​personal contact. We are a local company and unique in the special types of flowers that come from our own cultivation and we are proud of that! We try to use as many natural products as possible and give our flowers the love and attention it needs. Take a look, you are very welcome.


A little history never hurts. This is the first generation of Koos Pennings. He started the flower bulb company on the Zeestraat in Noordwijkerhout and grew tulips and hyacinths here.


In 1995 it is the turn of the second generation. Sjaak and his wife Janette started the company at Oosterduinen 40 in Noordwijkerhout. He grows daffodils, hyacinths and tulips for the flower bulb trade.

Sjaak and Janette had four beautiful children, who started a shop on the road from an early age. The shop has now moved to the barn and Koos (the third generation) has now specialized in special tulips.


I am the eldest son of Sjaak Pennings. Growing is really my passion and I want to deliver a good bulb/flower. In addition to growing, the store has grown into a beautiful local company. I get a lot of energy from all the customers who come by every week. And my favorite is the Pluktuin.